College of the Holy Cross

Interchange programme between the College of the Holy Cross
and the University of A Coruña

Welcome to the UDC

The academic year in A Coruña will mean an extraordinary experience to you and will surely mark your lives. It’ll be a year in which almost everything will be a novelty. You’ll have new classmates and senior lecturers at the University as well as a teaching system different from the one you are accustomed to. The living together with your host family will be useful to better know and understand the Spanish society. And you’ll surely integrate fully into the Coruña student life and be able to enjoy the dozens of opportunities offered by the city and the University for culture and leisure time. It is precisely such a contact and direct experience with other ways of life what will enrich you and make this year unforgettable.

We offer you varied information through this web and also through the jornadas de orientación (welcoming and guidance days) to make the adaptation to your new life easier.

Those in charge of this interchange are working hard to get everything right, but for us it’s also a relatively new experience. For that reason, we’d be very grateful if you tell us your opinions about any aspect of the programme, both positive and negative. We are always open to listen to you. We also ask you to be tolerant with our failures; we’ll always try to amend them.

We look forward to having you in Coruña to start together this common experience.

Warm regards on behalf of all of those involved in this project.

Félix Córdoba
University of A Coruña Programme Director

Faculty of Philology
University of A Coruña
Campus da Zapateira
15008 A Coruña (Spain)

  • T. +34 881 011 860
    F. +34 981 167 151
    felix . cordoba @ udc . es