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Medical services

Before you arrive to Spain you must have a medical insurance covering any medical care you may need.

It is important for you to you know that with a US private medical insurance you cannot use the Spanish public health services except in case of an emergency.

In all the cases, you’ll have to pay for the services you use. Your insurance company will be in charge of a later refund of the expenses according to terms in your contract.

The Universidade da Coruña underwrote an accident insurance for the Holy Cross students. Said insurance enables you, for example, to have access to the sport activities organized by the UDC.

For common diseases or treatments, you can access to the professional services of any private doctor or to go to private clinics. Following are the clinics in A Coruña:

Policlínico Santa Teresa
c/ Londres, 2
Peñarredonda (A Coruña)
Phone: + 34 981 219 800

Hospital Modelo
c/ Virrey Osorio, 30
15011 A Coruña
Phone: +34 981 147 300

Hospital San Rafael
Avda. Jubias, 82
15006 A Coruña
Phone: + 34 981 179 000

You can also use the public health service (SERGAS) exclusively in case of an emergency:

Hospital Universitario A Coruña (previously Hospital Juan Canalejo)
Xubias de Arriba, 84
15006 A Coruña
Phone: + 34 981 178 000

Centro de Salud “Casa del Mar”
Avda. Primo de Rivera s/n
15006 A Coruña
Phone: + 34 981 170 358 / + 34 981 173 113

In case of an emergency, you can also go to the outpatient service of the public health system.

It is advisable that your Spanish host family knows about this information related to the health care.

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